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Tobi Twist


Tobi Twist has been a part-time magician and balloon artist for over 20 years. He loves to create cute balloon designs using different techniques to amaze his audience.


Tobi has given different workshops at balloon and magic conventions in Germany and other European countries.

In 2021, Tobi Twist very successfully launched a TikTok account. Currently, about 5 million people follow him, do balloon requests and watch his balloon videos. He was also able to build up a large number of followers on Instagram and YouTube in a short time.


Tobi Twist's Twister Toolbox

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Join Tobi Twist for an exciting class that will unveil his innovative ideas, concepts, and building blocks for creating captivating balloon designs.

Tobi will share his repertoire of simple yet versatile concepts that can be easily adapted to craft a wide range of balloon figures.

During the class, you will explore techniques like the "Mariage Twist" and experimentation with various twisting designs. Tobi will guide you through the process of twisting adorable rhinos, beautiful butterflies, and charmingly small roosters.


By gaining insight into Tobi's methods and learning these foundational techniques, you will be equipped to unleash your creativity and expand your repertoire.

Sizes Matters?
Huge & Tiny Garden Designs

Join Tobi Twist in an exciting and imaginative balloon class !

We will embark on a whimsical journey through the garden, twisting astonishingly large ants and cockroaches, as well as adorable miniature sheep and chickens.


Get ready to let your creativity soar as we also fashion extraordinary snails and butterflies with a definite WOW-factor. But the adventure doesn't stop there!

Tobi Twist will guide you in constructing a balloon bicycle, perfect for a delightful trip into the picturesque countryside.


So, buckle up and get ready for a balloon-filled adventure like no other!

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