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Tobi Twist


Tobi Twist has been a part-time magician and balloon artist for over 20 years. He loves to create cute balloon designs using different techniques to amaze his audience.


Tobi has given different workshops at balloon and magic conventions in Germany and other European countries.

In 2021, Tobi Twist very successfully launched a TikTok account. Currently, about 5 million people follow him, do balloon requests and watch his balloon videos. He was also able to build up a large number of followers on Instagram and YouTube in a short time.


Tobi Twist's Twister Toolbox

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Building blocks, concepts and cute designs.

In this workshop Tobi Twist will present some of his ideas, concepts and building blocks, which he regularly uses at events to create balloon designs.

Many of these are based on simple concepts and ideas, which can be easily modified to create many other balloon figures.

Techniques such as the "Mariage Twist" and different balloon shapes are used to twist, for example, a cute rhino, an unusual butterfly or an itty bitty rooster.


Go Big or Go Home!

Insight in creating some of my favourite Social Media Designs.

More information is coming soon.

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