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Denise van Dooren

The Netherlands

Denise is an expert when it comes to balloons. She started her business at the age of 19 and has knowledge of many different techniques and disciplines. Her resume is remarkable and she has traveled all over the world on balloon projects.


Since 2021, Denise is a full-time teacher and Social Media Manager at Sempertex Europe and a well-known person in the industry.


She is the winner of season 1 of Blow Up the Netherlands.


Let's get Social

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Embrace Social Media for Your Balloon Business! 

Social Media - loved by many, but often daunting for business owners! With so many platforms to choose from and the eternal 'what to post' dilemma can be overwhelming.

Join Denise in this class to unravel the secrets of using Social Media for your balloon business. Discover which platforms work best for your business and gain clarity on what to post.

This class offers plenty of room for questions and engaging discussions, so you can tailor your social media strategy to your balloon business needs. Don't miss this opportunity to make social media work for you!

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