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Paola Guarin


Paola Guarin from Barranquilla, Colombia, is an international balloon instructor specialized in distinctive designs and balloon techniques. As Education Development Manager for Sempertex, she develops Sempertex´s educational programs, organizes and coordinates large-scale décor projects, some including more than 50,000 balloons and presents new product designs, trendy palletes and sophisticated color combinations.  


Her seminars and enthusiasm have reached 4 continents, 10+ countries and more than 25 cities in Colombia.


Paola is delighted to share her passion and Latin flair, as her outstanding décor designs with Balloons!


Organic Balloon Walls

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Join Paola while she presents concepts and techniques that will improve your organic balloon walls.


Let’s recreate together a wall with structure that will help you recreate for different types of occasions.


Christmas & New Year Trends

Let your creativity and imagination fly in this balloon class where Paola will be creating two seasonal decorations, one for

Christmas and another one for New Year’s. 


Also, she will be sharing a color palette that will be trendy during this Holiday season.

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