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Become a Master Balloon Professional at Nozzle Up.

What is MBP?

MBP stands for Master Balloon Professional.

 It refers to an individual who has obtained certification from Sempertex, for their expertise in the art of balloon decoration. To achieve this designation, they have successfully completed the recognition program based on the decoration standards set by the company.

How can I obtain the MBP certification?

To obtain the MBP certification, you need to pass a practical exam that is conducted on specific dates.
The process of obtaining the certification is as following:

  1. Go to > Education > MBP

  2. Choose one of the scheduled exam dates that are available.

  3. Add the exam product to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout and make the payment for the exam. Once we receive your payment, we will officially register you as an MBP participant with Sempertex.

  4. After completing the payment and registration, you will receive an email containing all the necessary information regarding the upcoming exam. This email will provide you with details about the exam date, time, location, and any additional instructions you may need to know.

What are the benefits of being an MBP?


As an MBP, you have official recognition of your skills and expertise in balloon decoration.

Directory Listing

You will be included in the MBP directory, which will be featured on both the Sempertex and our website. 


The MBP certification serves as a valuable marketing tool for your business.

Welcome Kit

As an MBP, you will receive a Welcome Kit containing resources and materials that can assist you in your balloon decoration endeavors.

Social Media

We will acknowledge your achievement as an MBP on our social media platforms.

Special Prices on Education

You will have access to special prices for the Balloon Convention by Sempertex and educational opportunities offered by Sempertex Europe

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