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Paula Ardron-Gemmell

United Kingdom

Paula is a happily married mum of two teenagers, she created Pink Tree Parties back in September 2007 with her best friend, after a career in accountancy and finance.


Over the years they've invested in development and forged their own path in this wonderful, crazy, ever-changing industry and their shop is now focused on balloon decor and leading the way in bespoke and beautiful balloons.


Back in 2017 she was invited to become a NABAS instructor and have passed on her love for education to many others, supporting them through their success.


In 2019 Paula was recommended to Grabo when they required a UK ambassador and now spends a lot of time teaching, promoting and advising, with Pink Tree safely in the hands of her team whilst away.

Balloons and Business are something Paula is passionate about, combining both her previous finance career with her current creative one ... and she is lucky enough to be able to share this with others through teaching.


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