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Marco Ruissen

The Netherlands

In 2018 Marco made the switch from large scale festival management to starting as a balloon decorator along with his partner.
As almost all decorators Marco started from out of his small apartment but soon that took over every possible square inch and switched to a retail location.
As events got bigger and decor not only exiting of balloons but also rental items, Marco and his team moved to a big warehouse where they have lots more room for rental items Like Marquee letters, backdrops and Shimmerwalls.

The Shimmerwall trend something Marco spotted in 2019 but when everything was up and running, Covid hit and all large-scale setups where canceled.
Since 2022 all the largescale events where back on again and lots of people loved the Shimmerwall setups.

Sharing knowledge is something that’s close to his heart because only by sharing knowledge and ideas is how we can grow as an industry.



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Join Marco's class and discover the world of Shimmerwalls!

As an emerging trend in event decoration, Shimmerwalls have become increasingly popular as backdrops for photobooths, stage designs, and even cake backdrops. In this class, Marco will guide you through the ins and outs of working with Shimmerwall panels and how to combine them with stunning balloon decor.


You will be inspired by a showcase of stunning Shimmerwall decors, unlocking a world of creative possibilities to elevate your decorating skills.

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