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Luiz Carlos da Costa Silva


Luiz Carlos da Costa Silva, is the owner of “Cenário Balões”.

Luiz has represented Brazil in international competitions held in England and the USA, having won the 2nd place prize in the giant sculpture competition - London/2011.

International instructor, having traveled to several countries (Japan, Australia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, USA), teaching his Balloon Art techniques and how to manage Cenário Balões.


In 2016, Luiz Silva was responsible for the decoration project for the Gala Ball at the “World Balloon Convention”.


In 2018, Luiz Silva was one of the international instructors of the “World Balloon Convention”, held in San Diego – USA.


In 2022 he is organizing “The Biggest Balloon Festival in the World” in São Paulo / Brazil



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Cópia de cenografia-escultura-3d-cabeca-trex-gigante-cenario-baloes-7.jpg
Cópia de escultura-trator-gigante-3d-8.jpg


More information is coming soon.

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