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Paola Guarin of Sempertex in Barranquilla, Colombia, is an international instructor specializing in LINK-O-LOON® design and balloon design techniques. As Education Development Director for Sempertex, she develops Sempertex education programs, introduces new product designs, and organizes large-scale décor projects, some including more than 20,000 balloons.


Paola is a member of the editorial committee for Celebra magazine in Latin America. She contributes articles about industry trends, and creates balloon projects with instruction for the magazine. She has taught classes in several Central, South and North American countries as well as more than 15 cities in Colombia.


Paola is delighted to share her passion and Latin flair, as her outstanding décor designs with Balloons!


Big Balloon Animal decorations

All about trends

3D Link-o-Loon walls

Paola Guarin