Glossy Globes (GE)

Luxury decoration for every occasion

Paint and balloons

In the last years we have seen an increasing use of various painting skills in combination with balloon art. The combination of using paint with balloons creates a complete new world of opportunities and options to add details and colors in your designs.

Guido is covering the various styles from painting on the balloon, inside the balloon and sharing new techniques painting on uninflated balloons and spray painting.

Interesting for decorators who are looking for adding details to their works and anyone who is interested in learning some new craftsman skills. Especially for balloon artists, not just for painters.


As a little bonus Guido will show in this class also the techniques how to “draw” with 160S to create great theme décor or write names or messages.

Teacher: Guido Verhoef
Language: English

Guido Verhoef