Kelly Sashimi is a young balloon artist from Malaysia who has been active in the balloon scene for over 8 years. Best known for her incredible eye for elegance and amazing Pinterest-worthy work.

She truly embraces the joy in balloons, making others happy by creating balloon sculptures like animals and cartoon figures and even entire dresses.

In 2015 Kelly Sashimi created her own BB Floatex technique. BB Floatex stands for Big Balloon Floating Latex - a cute floating cartoonish balloon figure with an oversized head.

She is a well-known name in the international balloon industry and attends international balloon events worldwide. Recently Kelly Sashimi stepped into the role of workshop teacher.

We’re very honoured to have this bright Malaysian star teaching at our Nozzle Up event. Come, follow one of her workshops and get mesmerized by her drive and passion for the art of balloon sculpting.


BB Floatex

Cartoon characters

Kelly Sashimi