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10% discount

Get 10% discount* on your Nozzle Up pre-order

As a Nozzle Up participant or guest you can put in a pre-order in our web shop @

Delivery takes place at Nozzle Up, you get a 10% discount voucher* ** with your delivery for your next purchase with Sempertex Europe. You also save on shipping as we bring your order free of charge to Nozzle Up.

Nozzle Up orders are accepted until friday September 25th.

How does it work?

All it takes is two extra steps to benefit from this offer.

Visit our web shop at and as per usual fill your shopping basket.

At the checkout is where the two small steps come into play

  • In step 2 of the checkout chose: “I’ll pick up my product(s)”
    The system won’t charge shipping cost.


  • In step 4 of the checkout, enter “Nozzle Up order” in the comment field below.
    We prepare your order for Nozzle Up and you get your discount voucher.



It’s that easy get your discount voucher and benefit from free shipping at Nozzle Up.


We look forward to seeing you at Nozzle Up !!!


*Not applicable for existing discounts

**The voucher code will be sent by e-mail after Nozzle Up

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