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Become Sempertex's 

“European Balloon Decorator of the Year”

The winner gets a €300 gift certificate for the Sempertex Europe webshop

The runner up will get €150 gift certificate and €75 for the 2nd runner up

Contest theme: gender reveal

For the balloon decor contest, the assignment is simple: create a cute gender reveal party balloon decoration. You’re free to choose the theme of the baby party as long as it includes a reveal. The reveal can be integrated in a column, an arch or whatever your creativity tells you to.

semptertex rood.png

Some rules and guidelines

  1. The reveal of all competition pieces will take place on Friday Oct. 25th at 20h.

  2. Contest starts on Thursday Oct. 24th at 13h and building stops on Friday Oct. 25th at 18h.

  3. Max. dimensions of the creation are

    1. Width: 4m

    2. Depth: 1m

    3. Hight: 2,5m

  4. Only the following balloons are allowed and will be supplied free of charge to the contestant by Sempertex Europe:

    1. All Sempertex latex balloons as available in the Sempertex Europe webshop

    2. All Anagram, Betallic and Grabo foil balloons as available in the Sempertex Europe webshop

    3. Glossy Globes as available in the Sempertex Europe webshop

  5. The maximum value of the supplied balloons is €80 ex. VAT. The prices in the Sempertex Europe webshop apply.

  6. Non-balloon accessories like confetti, tinsel, tulle, a.o. can be brought by the contestant

  7. Bring your own structure/balloon base/pvc/etc...

  8. The deadline for entering the contest and submitting the design of the creation together with the complete materials list for final approval is October 15th

  9. The build will take place in the assigned room at Nozzle Up

  10. Teams consist out of maximum 2 people, both Nozzle Up participants

  11. Judging will be done by the Nozzle Up participants.
    Each Nozzle Up participant will get a ballot. Judging will take place on Friday, October 25th  at 20 o’clock and be done by depositing the ballot in the correct ballot box. Late votes and wrong ballots will not be counted.