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Become Sempertex's

“European Balloon Artist of the Year”

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The winner gets a €300 gift card for the Sempertex Europe webshop

2nd place will get a €150 gift card and 3th place a €75 gift card.

Contest theme:

"Photo Frame"

Some rules and guidelines

  • Contest starts on Friday Oct. 2nd at 13h and building stops on Sunday Oct. 4rd at 16h


  • The reveal of all competition pieces will take place on Sunday Oct. 4rd at the Gala Party

  • Max. dimensions of the creation are

    • Width: 2 m

    • Depth: 1.5 m

    • Hight: 2 m

  • Only the following balloons are allowed and will be supplied to the contestant by Sempertex Europe:

    • All Sempertex latex balloons as available in the Sempertex Europe webshop

    • All Anagram, Betallic and Grabo foil balloons as available in the Sempertex Europe webshop

    • Glossy Globes as available in the Sempertex Europe webshop

  • The creation must be made out of 80% latex balloons.

  • The maximum value of the supplied balloons is €80 ex. VAT. The prices in the Sempertex Europe webshop apply

  • Non-balloon accessories like confetti, tinsel, tulle, a.o. can be brought by the contestant

  • Bring your own structure/balloon base/pvc/etc...

  • The deadline for entering the contest and submitting the design of the creation together with the complete materials list for final approval is Monday September 14th

  • The build will take place in the assigned room at Nozzle Up

  • Teams consist out of maximum 2 people, both Nozzle Up participants

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