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Antonio Bécares Rodríguez


When he was 20 years old he made his first figures. He loved being able to model balloons and turning them into figures and after all these years it is still his passion.
In 2006 he went to his first balloon convention where he discovered how big the world of balloons is and what one can create. 

Since then Antonio went to many balloon conventions all over the world, as an attendee and as a instructor.


Words from Antonio:
My intention is to continue teaching and learning of the meetings that the balloon industry gives us.
Today I am still attending as many workshops as I can to expand my knowledge about this world that I love… Balloons!


Antonio´s Pinchline
Uses and abuses

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This class is dedicated to exploring the Pinchline technique, from its basic forms to intricate combinations. Antonio will guide you step by step, unveiling all the secret tips and tricks.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to craft various designs using the Pinchline technique, such as the Toothbrush, Excavator, and a Chainsaw. Antonio will share valuable insights on how and where to apply this technique. If you are already familiar with the Pinchline, this class will enhance your skills with innovative ideas and approaches. For those new to the Pinchline, you will leave the class equipped with a powerful technique to expand your repertoire, enabling you to create new designs or transform existing ones.

Antonio´s Favourites
Let´s twist Together

Join Antonio's workshop and unlock a world of creativity and innovation in balloon twisting.

Antonio, an expert in the field, will not only showcase his favorite designs like The Altea Rose, The Twisted Heart, A Choo Choo Train, but also provide invaluable tips and tricks to enhance your twisting skills.


Additionally, Antonio introduces participants to his revolutionary concept called "Reversit," a truly out-of-the-box idea that should not be missed. In this class, you will not only gain practical knowledge but also be inspired  to think creatively while having fun with balloons.

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